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12 Online Short Courses You Take Now to Upskill Yourself For 2021

12 Online Short Courses You Take Now to Upskill Yourself For 2021

There’s no doubting that the job market right now is as competitive as it’s been for at least a decade, possibly longer.  However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still opportunities for the right candidate.  So how do you make sure that is you?  Now is the perfect time to improve your CV by upskilling with a short course that is both industry recognised and affordable.  Here is our list of 21 Online Short Courses You Take Now to Upskill Yourself For 2021.


Time Management - Certificate

Understanding, identifying and defining your long-term goals is the very first step when implementing an effective time management solution. With the broader goal in the background, you can now set a series of medium and short-term goals that will effectively lead you to achieving the cherished long-term goals in your life.

After Completing this course you will know how to prioritise effectively, plan strategically, gain lasting skills to tackle procrastination, handle high pressure crisis situations with ease and learn to organise the workspace for efficiency.

 Taking Productivity to the Next Level - Certificate

Many people think they can multi-task, when in actual fact, most people can only focus on one thing at a time.  Instead, the key to productivity is mindfulness, enabling focus in the moment. Participants will explore how mindfulness can be applied to problem solving, conflict management and empathy, leading to greater understanding, faster results and greater harmony.

This Course will provide practical skills and techniques to help people improve their workplace performance in effective communication, customer focus, innovation, creativity, engagement, performance, collaboration, engagement, performance, problem solving, and disruption management.

Useful for any profession, especially those with multiple responsibilities


Communication Skills - Certificate

Effective communication is greatly improved by understanding communication preferences based on personality type.  By understanding how you and others communicate, you can adjust your communication style to meet each other’s needs.

After completing this course, participants will gain insight into their individual personality type and communication preference while learning to recognise other people's, learn how to adjust your own communication approach based on need and situation, how to effectively utilise pitch, tone and speed, and understand barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them.

Giving Constructive Feedback - Certificate

The ability to give feedback constructively is crucial in order for the recipient to not interpret as negative criticism.  This extensive course helps develop essential skills in delivering constructive feedback that positively impacts an individual and the company.

After completing this course, participants will have learned to explain why feedback is essential, interpret the speech and actions of people, apply a framework for providing formal or informal feedback, describe six characteristics of effective feedback, provide feedback in real situations, understand feedback definitions and terminology, the characteristics of effective feedback and communication strategies, and how to rational effectively.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - Certificate

Emotional intelligence is a skill. And like any other skill, you can get better at it with training and practice. It allows you to read the personality style of individuals and adjust your communications accordingly without being controlled by your underlying emotions. 

After completing this course participants will have learned how to how to read emotions, know how to influence others positively, know how to have emotionally intelligent conversations, as well as understand your own level of emotional intelligence, resilience, social awareness, how to be more empathic, how to avoid it manipulation, how to lead with emotional intelligence,

and how different cultures respond to and display emotions.

Conflict Resolution - Certificate

Conflict is the result of people having differing needs, opinions, expectations and often completely different individual perspectives. The reality of conflict is that in any human relationship it is inevitable, but if managed well, conflict can provide a powerful avenue for significant personal and professional growth.

In this course participants will learn how to understand the five main approaches to conflict resolution, develop communication tools, apply conflict resolution approaches, and use parts of the conflict resolution process to recognise and prevent conflict before it escalates.

Managing Difficult Conversations - Certificate

Managing Difficult Conversations requires specialised knowledge and skill development, because these types of conversations can be quite challenging to manage without them. During this training course, participants develop an understanding of where, when, why and how to conduct difficult conversations. 

After completing this course, participants will have learned to predict the results of a conversation, establish the intent of a conversation, identify the desired outcome, manage their body language, speak persuasively, listen actively, use probing techniques, ask the right questions at the right time, establish the purpose of a difficult conversation, create a conversation template, create a personalised action plan, and use communication skills to influence and control.

Useful for: Management, HR, Training, Sales, Real Estate, Retail


Facilitation Skills - Certificate

Facilitation is often referred to as the new cornerstone of management philosophy. With its focus on fairness and creating easy decision making, good facilitation can help any organisation have improved staff communications and interactions and ultimately make better decisions.

After completing this course participants will be able to understand decision-making processes, convergent and divergent thinking, how to exercise control when facilitating, how to facilitate virtually, as well as the role and purpose of facilitating.

Assertiveness and Self Confidence - Certificate

The Assertiveness and Self Confidence Course teaches you how to become more confident and comfortable with personal assertiveness, how to cope with other people's negativity and how to respond when someone else is being overbearing or aggressive towards you.

In this course participants will learn how to project self-confidence, read behaviour, write assertively, communicate with confidence, how to use your voice effectively, deal with workplace challenges to your self-confidence, and knowing how to build on your own strengths.

Useful for: Management, Leadership Positions

Business Acumen:

Business Ethics - Certificate

Every day key decisions are made about how resources are used and consumed in the enterprise. The ethical imperative is to ensure that resources are used in the most appropriate way within the context of the organisation and the broader context of the organisation in the community.

In this course participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of business ethics by learning how to make ethical decisions, how to balance personal and organisational ethics, your business and social responsibilities, employee rights, while receiving practical tools to implement ethics in the workplace.

Negotiation Training - Certificate

Negotiation is a process which can lead to positive outcomes and develop relationships, but it does require training and practice to perfect.

By the end of this training session, participants will be able to bargain and close a negotiation, explore the concept of mutual gain, discover the difference between interests and positions, understand different negotiation styles and when to apply them, the dominant negotiation strategies of competition and collaboration, as well as applying the negotiation process by understanding the basis of ‘principled’ negotiation. 

Sales - Certificate

Sales training plays an important role in helping sales representatives practice and improve their ability to close a deal.  This Sales Training Course helps sharpen the skills of even experienced sales representatives, enabling them to take advantage of sales opportunities and aggressively expand the business.

After completing this course participants will have learned how to generate leads, use the right questions, build rapport, earn trust through listening, and respond to objections.

Useful for: Business Owners, Legal, Real Estate, Sales, Contracts, Retail

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