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How to create an effective study area

How to create an effective study area

Where do you usually study?

If your answer is "on the sofa with my kids and dog while watching Gogglebox", it's time to think again. Instead, get serious about your study space so that it allows you to focus and do your best work.

A practical study area has to help you in several important ways. Firstly, it's essential to have somewhere that you can sit undisturbed. This is especially important with online study as you don't have a physical environment for your lectures, talks, or seminars.

Secondly, you'll develop healthier study habits if you have a designated area where you can put your head down and work.

Finally, a functional study area should be better for your physical and mental health.

So here are some critical elements to making sure you have the best study space you can.

Keep your study materials organised and in one place.

This will cut down on interruptions and distractions and stop you from wasting time looking for a pen that works or trying to find your laptop charger.

Focus on the ergonomics.

This is particularly important for anyone who spends a large portion of their day sitting down. Make sure that your screen is at eye level so that you don't strain your neck. Avoid RSI by keeping your wrists in a neutral position. Sit in a chair that is comfortable and supports your back. All of these will increase your comfort and allow you to think about your education.

Keep our space yours

Your study area should be yours and it should suit your learning style. For some, this means being lucky enough to have your own home office. For others, it's about having a portable workspace that you’re free to take anywhere.

The priority when it comes to good study spaces is that it’s somewhere you don't have to think about – allowing you to focus on your studies instead.

Be somewhere private

This might mean closing a door, putting on headphones or packing up your belongings to study in an office. Whatever allows you to sit in peace and quiet is essential for allowing you to get into the study flow.

It's helpful to think of your study space as a work in progress. Adjust your space as required, keep it interesting and allow it to improve your studies.

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