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Top 5 Rules for Great Photography

Top 5 Rules for Great Photography

As a hobby, profession, or just something you do on vacations and at parties, photography is a great and useful skill for everybody to learn. These days, almost all of us are carrying a high-quality camera with us at all times, giving us the power to take incredible photos. We can all elevate the quality of our photos to the next level and here are five of the best tips to help you capture some amazing memories.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/9XK7vgoGSgc

1. Rule of Thirds 

One of the most important rules in photography is the rule of thirds, which teaches you to look at your frame as a grid divided by three horizontal and vertical lines into nine segments. The rule of thirds suggests that, for optimal balance and interest, the most important elements in your photo should be on these lines and intersections. 


2. Leading Lines

Another common photography composition rule is to look for leading lines in your photos to draw the viewer’s eye to the photo’s main subject. These lines can be straight, curved, diagonal, or jagged, but they should always lead to your focus point. Roads, fences, bannisters, and walls can all serve as leading lines.


3. Depth

One common beginner mistake in photography is to not think about depth, which is an important photography consideration. So instead of just viewing your photo as a flat, 2D image, try to see it as having a background, middle ground, and foreground. A great photo will have objects in all three at once. For example, a stunning landscape might have hills in the background, a field of flowers in the middle ground, and a tree in the foreground.


4. Framing

One of the most visually pleasing things a photographer can do is to frame their photo’s subject within the frame of the photograph. For example, you might have your portrait subject stand in a doorway or photograph them through a window or under an archway. Like using leading lines, this is a natural way to draw your viewer’s eye to the focus point of the photo.


5. Balance and Symmetry

The human eye loves balance and symmetry, making it an easy hack you can use to make a photo’s composition look impressive and professional. If you’re photographing a house, for example, consider doing so from an angle at which the two sides of the house look like mirror images of each other on either side of the frame.


For more important photography rules, a course on photography can help you pick up everything you need to learn to go from amateur to expert.

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