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What Is The Best Type of Interior Design Course

What Is The Best Type of Interior Design Course

Interior design has long been your passion. Your friends and family are constantly asking you for your best interior design tips.  Lockdown has only got you thinking more about the best way to improve the layout of your home.  Does this sound like you?  Maybe it’s time for your passion to become your profession.  But where to start?  There have never been more options for study on offer, and Interior Design is no exception.  Here is a list of some of the most common types of interior design courses.

Free Online Interior Design Course

A great place to start your potential career change is a free online course.  This lets you get a financially risk-free taste of studying interior design, and to see if interior design really is more than just a hobby.  However, there isn’t much benefit from a free online course when it comes to accreditation, so if you’re serious about a career change, you shouldn’t see it as any more than an introduction.  Give one a go if you have the time, and see if you want to take it any further.

Paid Online Interior Design Course

A paid online course is a logical next step for anyone that has seen the benefits of trialing a free online course, or even as a first step for anyone that already has some beginner or intermediate knowledge and experience.  In Australia, Tertiary and Further Education courses, or “tafe” courses, are very popular as a first step in a career change.  One downside is that many of these courses require on-campus learning, which limits the options for the student to institutions that are close by.   Furthermore, these classes typically take place during business hours, making it difficult to manage other work or study commitments. 

However, online institutes such as the Interior Design Institute offer remote learning, which means their course can be undertaken anywhere in Australia, or the world.  At $999, the Certificate of Interior Design is a manageable financial commitment for an accredited qualification in interior design. And with only a four to six hour study commitment per week required over a twelve month period, it allows the participant to maintain their existing work, study and life balance.  You can learn more about the Certificate of Interior Design at the Interior Design Institute here.

Online Diploma of Interior Design

For those who are really serious, a Diploma will offer an in depth study option that will go into further detail than a certificate.  As is the case with most certificates, Diplomas of Interior Design typically require on-campus learning, including those at universities such as RMIT and Swinburne.  Given they require more study than a certificate, which usually means they take longer to complete, this makes the on-campus study during business hours even more of a commitment.  However, the Accredited Diploma of Interior Design at the Interior Design Institute allows participants to study at the same pace as the Certificate at around four to six hours per week.  While the overall study load is more, as students can go at their own pace, it is entirely up to them how long they want to take to complete.  You can learn more about the Accredited Diploma of Interior Design at the Interior Design Institute here.

Bachelor of Interior Design

While a vocational course such as a certificate or diploma is the most popular study path for those undertaking a career change, there is also the option of undertaking a full undergraduate degree such as a Bachelor of Interior Design.  However, while a Bachelor degree is a higher accreditation than a certificate or diploma, they usually require three years of full time study, and are far more costly.   If you feel you have the time and finances to undertake a Bachelor degree, given its higher level of accreditation, this could be the course for you.  However, should plans change that require you to take a break from the course, you will not receive any interim qualification. 

What is the best Interior Design course for you?

While a free course is a great place to start, if you require formal accreditation for your new career, you will need to undertake a paid course.  And while a Bachelor degree offers the highest accreditation for an undergraduate, if one year is more manageable than three, and if the $999 fee for the Certificate or $2,999 fee for the Diploma is more affordable, then one of these options might be more suited for you than a Bachelor degree.  Click here to find out more about the Certificate of Interior Design and the Diploma of Interior Design offered by the Interior Design Institute, which are available through InspiringEd.com.

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