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Why now is the perfect time to begin studying

Why now is the perfect time to begin studying

Isolation comes with it’s own challenges, but many have looked upon it as an opportunity to focus on further study. Whether it be mastering a new skill (sourdough bread, anyone?), learning a language or adding new accomplishments to your CV, it’s a wonderfully productive use of time that may otherwise be wasted. Here are four reasons why iso is the perfect time to dip back into the world of education.

All we have is time

Isolation is a time with large levels of underemployment, unemployment, or changed work circumstances. While unquestionably devestating, with this comes a lot of free time that was otherwise spent in the office, or even time spent commuting. Further to this, many traditional hobbies are unfortunately off limits.

Even if your hobbies and work are unchanged, time spent socialising with friends and family will have been reduced, and so studying is an engaging way to pass some of this time.

Upskill for a changing job market

The job market is changing and will continue to change as we adapt to the effects of COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us have found that we have more free time than usual. The upside of this is that it creates the perfect opportunity to take proactive steps to improve your skills. Upskilling can make you a more attractive job candidate which will help you not only survive a recession, but secure a role that you’re passionate about.

Study for the holiday you were going to have

Most people have had their short or medium term travel plans postponed due to the travel restrictions related to COVID-19. It’s a wonderful idea to spend some of that time learning about the culture of your dream destination in other ways or in ways that will make that future vacation more enjoyable. For example, there are many language, history and cooking courses that can fill your travel needs remotely. 

Routine and accomplishment

In a world where our regular schedules are drastically altered, many people in isolation are craving the comfort of routine. There is something very soothing about creating a study timetable and ticking off your accomplishments. In a time of great uncertainty, routine and accomplishment offer you some control of your day.

Online study is easier than ever

As on-campus study has been put on the backburner for the time being, many education institutions have invested time and money into making their online courses even more accessible. There has never been an easier time to be well-supported when participating in remote study!

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