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Conscious Leader Program
Conscious Leader Program
Conscious Leader Program
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Online delivery mode: Virtual Training

This mode of learning is also known as virtual learning or a virtual classroom. It is similar to face to face training, except you attend via video using Zoom or similar software. You will have structured “classes” to attend virtually.

Cornerstone People Solutions
Cornerstone People Solutions

Conscious Leader Program

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 Enrolment Guide

Why should I take this course?

Transform into a leader that will shape the future of the travel and tourism industry

Conscious Leader Program at a glance

Course Summary

In a world where everything is in question this program gives you the knowledge, tools and an experience to lead yourself and others into the future. Gain clarity in an unclear world and receive a compass to access a new level of consciousness.

The aim of The Conscious Leader program for the individual is to: 

  • Anchor yourself at a higher level than where you started.
  • Embody the traits of a 2021 leader; tap into your unlimited
    potential and achieve what you previously thought to be
  • Look back with compassionate astonishment at the way you
    used to lead.
  • Learn how to cultivate and sustain the strength and vulnerability
    to adapt, listen and be curious.
  • Experience upgraded results from using your ego differently.

Important Information

Award: Certificate of completion
Course Length: 12 months
Mode: Online
Commitment: 3-4 hours per week
Access Requirements: Internet connection
Prerequisites: None
Start Date: 2 February 2021
Institution: Cornerstone People Solutions
Course information

Businesses must transcend the traditional leadership approaches to serve the ever changing needs of their people and their customers. It is crucial that changes are made at both an organisational and individual level.

The updated metric for business is to reach a tipping point of people operating at a level of consciousness above level 3 (out of 6). Moving into 2021, when businesses are scrambling to adapt, this critical mass of individuals must make the shift in order for the collective whole to follow.

Leaders who take on new intelligence and turn it into an integrated, personal experience will reinvent themselves and break away from outdated paradigms of business success. The result; unlimited mindset, unbounded culture, meaningful purpose, and inspirational leadership.

The Program

In a world where everything is in question this program gives you the knowledge, tools and an experience to lead yourself and others into the future. Gain clarity in an unclear world and receive a compass to access a new level of consciousness.

We are one planet, bound together like never before. We want as many conscious people navigating our way forward as possible. We need people who can boldly & responsibly address the realities of our time, who can tap into their full potential and unleash their true capability.

We have an opportunity and a responsibility to step up and harness the power of introspection, cultivate a curious mind and learn how to balance our perspective so that we can collaborate in ways that we have not seen in our lifetime. We need to shed
the need to have our opinion be right and learn to shift metrics of success from external to internal factors.

This is not like leadership programs from 1990 - 2019, This is new and necessary, We ask participants to open up to the notion that there is more available to them and be prepared to do more than traditional book work. We use modern science,  international mindful leadership research and ancient teachings to teach you how to adapt faster in the future and make change work for you.

It will be a personal journey, but we will travel together. We will do the work individually but work collaboratively to hold ourselves accountable to new and higher standards. Your team of trainers is her to challenge and support you to cultivate
mental clarity, stamina, and courage to thrive in the unknown.

May you have the power to lean into this with curiosity and not fear.

Course Structure

The program is delivered online via zoom meetings over the course of 12 months. These will be a mixture of content masterclasses, experience and support sessions. 

Each masterclass and experience session will run for an average of 1.5 - 2 hrs in length.

You will receive á downloadable copy of our 'Conscious Leader E-Book' - chapter by chapter during the program.

Program Induction and concept introduction

  • Induction & introduction to the program

Masterclass 1 & 2 - Transition of time and power

  • The new domain of leadership
  • Conscious Leadership Levels 1-6

Masterclass 3 & 4 - The roots of Conscious living

  • Conscious is the new smart
  • Towards Emotional Mastery - leading with higher awareness

Masterclass 5 & 6 - Personal Ecosystem

  • The role of the ego
  • Moving and manipulating energy

Masterclass 7, 8, 9 & 10 - Relationships

  • Be more human - Relationships in 2020
  • Leader as a coach
  • Radically Responsible communication
  • Amplifying your presentation presence

Masterclass 11, 12 & 13 - Purpose and tomorrows brand value

  • Business planning in a dynamic operating environment
  • The purpose over profit paradox
  • Live & lead with vision and values

Masterclass 14, 15 & 16 - Systems

  • Efficiency & productivity
  • I am the thinker not the thought
  • Responsibility to the whole: Thinking in whole systems

Masterclass 17 & 18 - Consumer Integration

  • New generation of customers
  • Working with the customer as partner

Masterclass 19, 20, 21 & 22 - Engaged Teams

  • Transformational teams
  • Evolution of Accountability
  • Authentic one on ones
  • Facilitate a group to make good decisions

Masterclass 23 & 24 - Innovation

  • Managing radical change
  • Continuous Improvement

Masterclass 25 - Conclusion of program

    Course Provider

    At Cornerstone Learning and Development you will learn directly from the industry experts.

    Why Cornerstone?

    Our aim is for people to have an entirely new willingness to examine every aspect of how they go about each day. No expectations, no judgment & no holding onto the past – just quality discussions.

    We are able to see what is missing, not from a perspective of lack, but of opportunity. We then actively follow these insights to create inspiring training content that shifts our learners to greater awareness, alignment, productivity, efficiency and engagement.

    At the heart of what we do is our ability to individualise learning, which means people are not just a student or a number. We consider each individual’s professional role and level of industry experience, then deliver the learning so that it has specific relevance to you.

    We deliver training that aims to create change – to help people succeed in their role with a clear mind, purpose, and plenty of energy.

    We create the ability to move away from a place of busyness where people are convinced that all will be “normal and manageable” if they just keep problem solving, delivering results and pulling others along to an awakened notion that with a conscious and ongoing commitment to personal growth and learning, they can excel in their role with calm confidence and an abundant sense of time and space.

    For further information, please visit the Cornerstone Learning and Development website: www.cornerstoneps.com.au

    Course Outcomes

    This program is for people who would like to gain intelligence in:

    • Why 2021 calls for a new type of leadership
    • Emergent leadership models and styles
    • New metrics for personal and organisational success
    • How to show up at home and at work as you should
    • Why playing the victim, villain or hero are out of vogue
    • How to get off the emotional roller coaster and be consistent
    • How to magnify your presence so you attract not repel
    • How to access higher states of consciousness
    • The shift in power from business to consumers
    • Becoming socially responsible in the age of social media
    • How brands build their business and a better world

    Upon successful completion of your course, you may wish to further develop your skills and knowledge and enroll into another course that is relevant to your chosen field of interest. Your trainer can provide you with industry-specific pathways.

    Potential roles where the Conscious Leader Program will be valued:

    • People experienced in their current roles
    • Anyone wanting to move into a leadership position
    • Assistant Managers/Team Leaders
    • Managers/Team Leaders
    • Business Owners
    • Anyone wanting to raise their consciousness
      Further information

      There are no formal pre-requisites, just a willingness to participate in the experience. We ask people to have a readiness to identify and mitigate their everyday behaviours that no longer serve them and take action to upgrade.

      We know that real learning opens people up to their fear that they are "not enough". This program accepts people exactly where they are, with whatever knowledge and skill sets they have. There is no putting people on the spot, everyone can engage as little or as much as they like. It is a safe place for learning that allows people to settle into the vulnerability required to up-level.

      What You Will Need

      • Internet access
      • A computer or hand-held device with a speaker & microphone Zoom access
      • Ability to access to our private program Facebook group

      After You Enrol
      Once you have enrolled for your course, the provider will contact you with the associated credentials to access your course. The provider will then confirm your course date and the time of each session.

      Course Duration
      This program is run over a 12 month period to maximise the experience and implementation of upgrades in thought patterns, shifting paradigms, new behaviours and and energy integrity.

      There will be 2-3 masterclasses per month with additional support sessions for the duration of the program.


      Cancellations & Refunds

      All cancellations are subject to both the InspiringED.com Terms & Conditions and those of the institution delivering your course.
      • A $250 InspiringED.com administration fee will apply for all cancellations requested after 48 hours of your enrollment.

      Cornerstone People Solutions terms and conditions:

      • Withdrawal of individual/s 14 days or more prior to commencement date – Full Refund
      • Withdrawal of individual/s 3-14 days prior to commencement date – Partial Refund (50% of the course fee)
      • Withdrawal of individual/s 3 days or less prior to commencement date – No Refund
      • Non-attendance at a scheduled event – No Refund
      • Course withdrawn by Cornerstone i.e. Cornerstone is unable to provide the course prior to the scheduled course commencement date for which the original enrolment and payment has been made – Full Refund

      Your enrollment may be cancelled by completing our contact form HERE.


      Taking the plunge into online study can be daunting. So, don’t just take our word for it, read these encouraging testimonials from past students on how the experience of education has had a profound impact on their life.

      Taking the plunge into online study can be daunting. So, don’t just take our word for it, read these encouraging testimonials from past students on how the experience of education has had a profound impact on their life.
      "The conscious leader program has been a fantastic opportunity for me during this time of uncertainty. The program takes an in depth look into new ways to approach leadership in 2020, with insightful and intuitive ways to lead our teams in this new era of travel, incorporating many different styles, positive, mindfulness and a well rounded life approach. I cannot thank Rachael and Cass enough for their time and guidance through this program!" - Sarah B

      "Cassi and Rachel are a formidable pair, supported by their equally personable team. Their knowledge of the travel and tourism industry is invaluable and the vested interest they take in all of their dealings, has deservedly, earned their company an enviable reputation. The first choice when looking to training should be Cornerstones Conscious Leader Program" - Naome B

      "The Conscious Leader Program, which I undertook with Cornerstone, was extremely relevant and nothing short of brilliant. I gained two certifications, and a wealth of self growth, insights into human behaviour and tools to deal with the covid-19 induced turmoil within the travel and tourism industry. It gave me the opportunity to remain connected during isolation, build my existing network and engage in learning about the future of leadership in the industry. Cassi and Rachel are both very intuitive with their coaching techniques, and adapted the course brilliantly to suit the current environment. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking growth, both within themselves and their career." - Anne B