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Spanish for Travellers
Spanish for Travellers
Spanish for Travellers
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Learning Delivery Mode - Virtual Classes
This mode of learning is also known as virtual learning or a virtual classroom. It is similar to face to face learning, except you attend via video using Zoom or similar software. You will have structured “classes” to attend virtually.

The Spanish Cat
The Spanish Cat

Spanish for Travellers

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Why should I take this course?

Learn the basics of the Spanish language with this range of online lessons

Spanish for Travellers at a glance

Course Summary

We offer a range of great options to help guide you on your journey to speaking basic Spanish as quickly and easily as possible.

During these courses, you will:

  • Be given an easy introduction to Spanish: basic grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation
  • Discover useful phrases and expressions, especially if you are thinking of travelling in a Spanish speaking country
  • Use conversations with other students and teachers to develop your language skills 

Important Information

Course Length: 8 weeks
Mode: Online
Commitment: 1.5 hours per week
Access Requirements: Internet connection
Start Date: Multiple
Institution: The Spanish Cat
Course Information

Many people try to learn Spanish just from apps or from non-professional teachers. This can be a frustrating and time-wasting experience.

Just like you wouldn’t go to see an unqualified doctor or try to get Google to diagnose a disease (would you?), if you want to learn Spanish in the quickest, most efficient, and easiest way then you’re better off joining a recognised Spanish school.

The Spanish Cat has been in business for nearly 20 years and we’ve taught over 10,000 satisfied students!

4 levels of classes are available to begin your journey learning the Spanish Language:

  • 1A for total beginners with no knowledge of Spanish
  • 1B for beginners with very limited knowledge of the language
  • 2 for those who have a solid idea of the foundation of the language
  • 3 for those who have learned the basics of the language and wish to expand their vocabulary and vocal communication

Each of these courses goes for 8 weeks (1 class per week) and is at the same time each week as the first class.

Level 1A

Our level 1A course is designed for total beginners. This course goes for 8 weeks (1 class per week) and is at the same time each week as the first class.

We will teach you many useful phrases and expressions, especially if you are thinking of travelling in a Spanish speaking country.

Not only that, but it will give you much of the fundamental grammar of the language, and get you speaking from day one!

Here is what you will learn:

  • The Alphabet

First up you will learn the Spanish alphabet, comparing the sounds of Spanish with those of English. You will learn some basic and essential vocabulary at the same time to get you speaking in Spanish only minutes after having started your first class! We will try to make you independent from the teacher as soon as possible!

  • Regular verbs with ar, er, ir and Professions

By introducing yourself in Spanish you will learn the conjugations of the regular verbs: the foundation of this language.

  • Cardinal numbers, the verbs PODER (can), QUERER (want) and DAR (give)

Practice going shopping for fruits and vegetables and anything else you may need. Here we also teach phrases for requesting things while purchasing or asking for favours.

  • Tener (To have)

Learn this important verb by giving your age (in Spanish we say “I have 20 years” instead of “I am twenty”) and expressing basic physical needs like being hungry, thirsty, sleepy, hot etc… (Again – in Spanish we say “I have hunger” rather than “I am hungry” – see: you’re learning already!)

  • The verb QUERER

The verb “to want”. Very useful in many different situations!

  • The verbs: Ser, Estar and Hay (impersonal form of the verb Haber)
  • The verb Estar

Learn to give conditions and physical locations of people, places, things, as well as finding specific places by following directions.


Level 1B

Our level 1B course is designed for beginners. This course goes for 8 weeks (1 class per week) and is at the same time each week as the first class.

In this course you will expand your knowledge of useful phrases and expressions.

Here is what will be covered in this unit:

  • The impersonal verb form HAY (Haber)

Learn to find places in general, like supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, museums, gardens etc.

  • The verb SER for descriptions and identification

Here we teach you the many translations of this verb.

What you will learn: Giving descriptions and identification of people, things, places. Giving our nationalities, professions and ideologies.

  • The verb SER for origin

Here you learn to talk about the material of things, what they are made of or in the case of people, their nationalities.

  • The verb SER + The weather + Days of the week + Seasons of the year + Months of the year

Conversation: Taking about three countries in Latin America. Talking about your country. What you can see there, do and find if you visit it, its weather, its people, food and culture.

  • Adjectives with SER and Estar

Understanding the difference between a characteristic versus a condition which are given by our choice of SER and ESTAR.

  • Colours with SER

Here you learn how to describe people. We play celebrity heads to get confident with descriptions and giving our basic information.

  • Time

Differentiating between asking the time or at what time something is happening. Here you learn to arrange a day, time and place to catch up with friends for a movie or some drinks.

  • Possessive adjectives: MI, TU, SU

Here you learn to talk about who we live with and about our family. Understanding the different meanings of SU and using the preposition DE to clarify the ambiguity of this word.

  • Demonstrative adverbs: ESTE, ESTA, ESE, ESA

Here you learn how to point out things you want to buy or things you are your asking about (this, that, etc.). You learn to choose things without naming them or asking what they are, depending on your proximity to them.


Level 2

By this point you have a solid idea of the foundation of the language and you are ready to start getting into it in more depth. This course goes for 8 weeks (1 class per week) and is at the same time each week as the first class.

If we have had the pleasure of having you in level 1, or if you have travelled and learnt some vocabulary but you still can’t put all those different bits and pieces into a coherent sentence, then now’s the time to put it all together!

You have studied so hard and triumphed over the battle of the verb conjugations, you have plenty of vocabulary and your pronunciation of ‘r’ is getting better every day, so why is it so hard to put these things into a phrase that works?

Don’t panic or get disappointed in your studies so far, for this is in fact a good sign: you are forcing yourself to think in Spanish a little bit more each time and you are facing more complex structures in a very natural way.

Not enough consolation? You want to speak better?

Then take your needle and thread as this level will give you the tricks to string together that elusive speech.

As we all know: “There is an exception to every rule” (Annoying, but true). In level 2 you may find lots of irregularities. Don’t let them intimidate you. You have to realise that you are no longer a beginner, which besides sounding so good when you say it, also means that you are most likely experiencing moments of frustration when trying to speak.

But, you are just a step away from producing a perfect sentence without angst!

It doesn’t mean that you are not learning but the opposite!

¡Vamos! ¡Tú puedes!

What you will learn in this level:

  • Interrogatives adverbs
  • Gender
  • Direct Object + Indirect Object
  • An introdution to Prepositions
  • The Verbs Saber and Conocer (to know)
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • Stem changing verbs
  • Negative sentences

Level 3


Level 3 is one our favourites at The Spanish Cat.  It nicely complements levels 1 and 2.

In our level 1 you worked with present tense only, then came level 2 and gave you a way to talk in future, but with level 3 your speech will be so much complete.

Suddenly the number of things that you can talk about will double!

Besides this, we want to continue to get to know you, what you are like now, but also what you were like before.  And what better way to do this but to learn some past tenses, so we can now not only share our present and future but our past as well.

¡Aquí vamos!

Irregular verbs + Direct and Indirect Object

Reviewing Direct Object (Lo, Los, La, Las) and Indirect Object (Le, Les) by talking about holidays in our countries.

Verbs to describe a normal day in our lives (Pronominal Verbs)

Verbs that always use SE.  ARREPENTIRSE, ENAMORARSE, QUEJARSE, etc..

Verbs that change nuance or meaning with SE.  DORMIR-DORMIRSE PONER-PONERSE etc…

Pronominal verbs with or without preposition. ACORDARSE DE, ATREVERSE A etc.

Talking about our daily activities and our habits.

Some Uses of the form SE

For unintentional actions/accidents that affect someone.

Expressing actions emphasising the affected object or person.

Going shopping for clothes, being able to give option on how clothes look on someone or oneself.

PAST TENSE: Preterite and Imperfect


Uses or values

Preterite as an indicator of a delimited action and completely finished at the moment we are speking. Bebí un café I had a coffee.

Expressing actions without any effect or repercussions in the present. 

Me bañé, desayuné y me fui a trabajar.  I showered, I had breakfast and I went to work.

Common adverbs used with preterite: yesterday, last night, last week, etc…

Talking about what we did on a week end or on a specific day and evaluating the experience.


Uses or values:

To talk about indefinite or unlimited actions with certain duration in the past.

Continuity or simultaniety in the past.

Actions we wanted to perform but didn’t achieve.

To show courtesy.

Talking about our lives in the past, how we’ve changed, our past habits, what we were like.

Course Provider

Language is your key to a different world, a world that without it will remain invisible and inaccessible to you forever.

The Spanish Cat is like a bridge between two very different worlds. Whether it’s for travel, for business, to get to know someone better, or simply for curiosity, let our staff help you to cross that bridge.

The Spanish Cat has been teaching Spanish in Australia since 2004.

Unlike other Spanish schools we have developed and use exclusively our own curriculum, which is specifically designed to get students speaking as quickly as possible!

All of our teachers are native speakers and many of them have been teaching with us since our inception. We are a small but strong and dedicated team of Spanish enthusiasts who love to share our knowledge and passion for the language in a fun and exciting way.

Become a part of The Spanish Cat today and let us guide you into the beauty that is the Spanish language and Latin culture.

Course Availability

Each of these courses goes for 8 weeks (1 class per week) and is at the same time each week as the first class. All classes are in Melbourne/Sydney (AEDT) timezone unless otherwise stated.

Level 1A

  • 18 February 2021 - 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
  • 4 March 2021 - 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Level 3

  • 8 February 2021 - 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Further Information

Cancellations & Refunds

All cancellations are subject to both the InspiringED.com Terms & Conditions and those of the institution delivering your course.

  • A $250 InspiringED.com administration fee will apply for all cancellations requested after 48 hours of your enrollment.
  • In the event of a cancellation, a full refund is not available from The Spanish Cat.

Your enrollment may be cancelled by completing our contact form HERE.


Taking the plunge into online study can be daunting. So, don’t just take our word for it, read these encouraging testimonials from past students on how the experience of education has had a profound impact on their life.


“Hola! Just wanted to let you guys know how much I am enjoying learning Spanish. I am now in Beginners 2 with Ana, and I really look forward to it every week. She is a fantastic teacher, with so much enthusiasm for teaching Spanish! Keep up the good work at the Spanish Cat." - Rebecca


“Marcela was really friendly, and I think the course advanced at a good pace. Not too fast and not too slow. I particularly liked putting into practice what we learnt in different situations, so now I’m confident that I not only know some of the language but can actually use it as well. I’m looking forward to level 2.” – Sam


“Iliana was an excellent teacher. She controlled the class well and always kept us entertained, with good exercises and also stories about Latin America. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.” – Graham