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Absolute Beginner to Beginner Japanese for Travellers
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The Brisbane Japanese Language & Culture School
The Brisbane Japanese Language & Culture School

Absolute Beginner to Beginner Japanese for Travellers

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Why should I take this course?

This combined course will guide you through the basics of the Japanese language and you will be able to travel with confidence

Absolute Beginner to Beginner Japanese for Travellers at a glance

Course Summary

In this course, you will cover the basics you need for travelling in
Japan and in addition skills to communicate in Japanese to establish
good relationships with local people.

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Place simple orders for meals at a restaurant
  • Asking basic directions from locals
  • Navigating public transportation
  • Check in at a hotel
  • Discuss food and drinks and where to eat
  • Share stories and photos about your family
  • Explain your hobbies and interests
  • Schedule events and invite guests
  • Pick up extra knowledge to help with your shopping exploits

Important Information

Award: Certificate of completion
Course Length: 18 weeks
Mode: Online
Commitment: 2 hours a week
Access Requirements: Internet connection & access to Zoom
Institution: The Brisbane Japanese Language & Culture School
Course Information

This course is for 18 weeks and consists of Absolute Beginner Japanese for Travelers and Beginner Japanese for Travelers modules. In this course, you will cover the basics you need for travelling in Japan and in addition skills to communicate in Japanese to establish good relationships with local people.

Course Outline

Absolute Beginner Japanese for Travellers

Module A1
Greeting and Self Introduction
- know the basics of Japanese language system
- greet at different situations
- introduce self and family

Module A2
At the Restaurant
- count numbers
- ask and tell prices
- order meal at the restaurant

Module A3
At the Department Store
- ask and tell the place where you want to go
- describe colours
- call a staff
- ask and tell different sizes

Module A4
Asking Directions
- ask and tell the direction
- call and take a taxi

Module A5
Taking Transportation
- ask and tell the time
- take a bus
- buy the ticket
- take a train

Module A6 
At the Hotel
- ask simple questions
- tell simple needs and request

Module B1
Food and Drinks
- ask and tell likes and dislikes
- ask and tell preferences
- ask and tell quantities
- offer food and drinks

Module B2
Where to Eat
- ask and tell favourite dish
- discuss where to go for lunch/ dinner
- order multiple number of food and drinks

Module B3
- talk briefly about family
- ask and tell someone about family and friends using photo

Module B4
- talk about hobbies
- ask and tell what you do on your days off

Module B5
Schedule and Invitation
- recognize information of events
- tell whether you would attend the event or not
- talk about whether you can go out on particular day or not

Module B6
- talk about what you want to buy
- ask about where to shop for something you want
- make a brief comment on things in a shop
- read prices and shop


Course Provider

The BJLC (Brisbane Japanese Language & Culture) school specializes in Japanese language education.

Our school consists of a group of qualified native Japanese teachers who are passionate about helping students to improve their Japanese language skills and cultural understanding.

We believe language learning is about understanding the culture as in the people, the way of life, living, values, customs and gaining tools to connect to its people.

We make sure to teach practical Japanese and provide plenty of opportunities to practice the language with native Japanese speakers!

Further Information

Additional Studies and Assessment

Prevision and revision are always recommended for effective learning; however, this course is designed for busy people. The majority of work is done in the classroom, no homework or assessment is given unless requested by students.

Once you have mastered the basic Japanese skills such as recognizing Japanese scripts and sounds and learning action phrases often used in the classroom, the course automatically continues to the next level which is Lower Beginner Japanese.

After You Enrol

Once you have enrolled for your course, the provider will contact you with the associated credentials to access your course and confirm your course date and time.

Cancellations & Refunds

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Taking the plunge into online study can be daunting. So, don’t just take our word for it, read these encouraging testimonials from past students on how the experience of education has had a profound impact on their life.

"I have been studying at BJLC for 1 year. I chose BJLC because I thought the levels of classes offered were good, I liked the idea of smaller, more personalized classes and I liked that the teachers are Japanese people. I think the one-on-one type classes are great for conversation. It's such a friendly class.

I have achieved my goals so far! I can definitely understand and speak more Japanese than before. I am learning kanji, and I have taken a JLPT test (I haven't got my results yet!). My teacher is wonderful! She's very friendly and explains things very well in class." - Amanda


"I have gained confidence in speaking Japanese whilst traveling in Japan on holiday, able to read basic menu items, and ask for help from locals. The teachers are very good at ensuring we understand the topics. I like the casual nature of learning on a weekend in small groups." - Gene


“I am very much enjoying my Japanese language lessons with Takako! I am finding it interesting and Takako is a great teacher ” - Stephanie