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Certificate of Interior Design
Certificate of Interior Design
Certificate of Interior Design
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Certificate of Interior Design

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Why should I take this course?

Showcase your creative potential in the exciting world of Interior Design

Certificate of Interior Design at a glance

Course Summary

At The Interior Design Institute, you'll learn from leading designers to enhance your career in this growing industry.

  • Learn how to observe, evaluate and form opinions of different design styles.
  • Gain an appreciation of art and design history and how it will continue to be an influence both in the present and the future.
  • Acquire the skills how to support your creative knowledge with the practical application that ensures success.
  • Discover how to keep informed of trends and how to look for trend inspiration.
  • Experience the pleasure of seeing your design concepts spring to life.
  • Build your first professional portfolio.

Important Information

Award: Certificate of Completion
Course Length: Self-paced ~12mths
Mode: Online
Commitment: 4-6 hours a week
Prerequisites: See 'Further Information' below
Start Date: Anytime
Institution: The Interior Design Institute: RTO Code 45423
Course Information

The Certificate in Interior Design is delivered online, consisting of 12 comprehensive modules and 12 corresponding interactive assignments. The course is designed to be self-paced. Students studying the Certificate Course are provided up to 12 months to complete their studies. 

Module 1
The Visual Language of Design

The first module is an introduction to the creative and exciting world of interior design.
You will be introduced to the elements and principles of design that are used to create harmonious and balanced interiors.
• Learn how to observe, evaluate and form opinions of different design styles by analysing interior spaces.
• Develop your ‘designer’s eye’ and understand how to apply the knowledge and create inspirational designs for home and work environments.


Module 2
The History of Style, Decoration and Architecture

This comprehensive module takes you on a fascinating journey, beginning with the origins of decorative finishes seen in cave paintings and ancient dwellings and leads you through the history of design and architecture to the present day.
Full of visual images and information, Module 2 will convey the meanings and messages behind the styles and decorative images you encounter.
• Learn to recognise architectural and decorative details influenced by ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian architecture, Neo-Classicism and more recent design styles.
• Incorporate these ideas into your designs, adding originality and creativity to your work.
• Gain an appreciation of art and design history and how it will continue to be an influence both in the present and the future.


Module 3
Design Styles

In this module, you will learn how to make strategic and conceptual decisions for your design projects based on the desired function, style and mood of the space.
• Explore some of the most common interior decorating styles, including traditional, country, eclectic and contemporary.
• Develop your knowledge of different structures, common problems and solutions so that you can communicate clearly with clients, suppliers and tradespeople.
• Evaluate a site and assess existing structures in order to create a master plan and implement your ideas.
• Discover how to keep informed of trends and how to look for trend inspiration.
• Learn how to visually present ideas to your client by creating a mood board.


Module 4
Space Planning

Now you will discover how to apply the design elements to your spatial planning and design concepts, considering different furniture layouts to suit the intended function of the space.
• Learn how to draw a floor plan, then rearrange an existing space and plan a new layout for a renovation project.
• Study the different architectural elements that will be included in your floor plan such as doors, windows, fireplaces and lighting fixtures.
• Become familiar with the functionality of different rooms and understand the role that furniture plays in the design process.
• Extend this project in subsequent assignments and develop a lighting plan, colour scheme and finishes.
• Build your first professional portfolio as you complete these exercises.


Module 5

This module will enable you to discover the sources and properties of light, types of lighting, and how the orientation of a space affects natural lighting.
• Learn how light affects the selection of colours on different surfaces, finishes and fabrics.
• Understand how to communicate your ideas clearly to electricians, builders and suppliers by specifying the correct products suitable for the intended purpose.
• Learn the various types of light bulbs available to interior designers and how to select the right one for a client’s room.
• Turn your creative vision into reality by using natural and artificial lighting to create a stunning effect in your interior projects.
• Incorporate these ideas into your plan as you continue with the renovation project that started in Module 4.


Module 6

This module will introduce you to the power and psychology of colour and how it can be used as a pivotal design tool in your projects.
• Learn about the properties of colour and understand how it can change the mood of a space, alter perceptions and create the intended style. Discover the effect of natural and artificial light on colour and surface textures.
• Use the colour wheel as inspiration and guidance to develop harmonious schemes and gain the confidence to use it effectively. Discover that there are no bad colours, only bad combinations.
• Experience the power of using colour in all aspects of your design projects to trigger different responses; vibrant and uplifting or muted or restful.
• Familiarise yourself with paint systems, products and specification.
• Put together multiple colour schemes to accompany the renovation project from Module 4.


Module 7
Interior Finishes

You will learn how to apply the concepts of three-dimensional design to the reality of a finished space.
• Discover the importance of ensuring quality finishes on the floor, walls and ceiling to create a striking and functional backdrop for furnishings and window treatments.
• Gain the product knowledge required to select and specify cost-effective finishes suitable for the intended end use to create a professional and enduring interior space.
• Find out how to plan and project-manage the sequence of floor, wall and ceiling finishes required at different stages of a project.
• Create finish schedules for each room from the renovation project that began at Module 4.


Module 8
Decorative Textiles and Fabrics

This informative module introduces you to the history, beauty and luxury of decorative textiles and fabrics.
You will be shown how to appreciate the importance of including items with luxurious and aesthetic appeal as essential components in your design, regardless of the available budget.
• Discover the endless possibilities for using fabrics with style and flair to create eye-catching interior spaces. Gain confidence to apply the elements of design and transform spaces by using textiles, fabrics and other decorative accessories.
• Learn about the technical properties of fabrics and their suitability for different end uses. Understand the functional and aesthetic properties required for bed linen, rugs and decorative textiles.


Module 9
Furniture, Art and Accessories

The pinnacle of great design is working with beautiful objects, furniture and art. With reference to Module 2 and the history of interior design, you will learn how furniture styles have been developed over the years for specific uses and applications.
• Apply your knowledge of design elements to the reality of placing beautiful objects into perfectly planned and well thought out spaces.
• Experience the sense of achievement when your space planning and elevations come to life.
• Showcase your creative potential with co-ordinated, harmonious interiors.


Module 10
Working With Clients

This module teaches you the work practices of professional designers. You will be shown the vital procedures and thought processes that bring a design to completion in the real world.
• Learn how to support your creative knowledge with the practical application that ensures success from the start of a project through to completion.
• Ensure that your proposals and management skills will bring work in on schedule and budget for any design project, whether for yourself or for a client.
• Gain confidence to work professionally in the design industry.


Module 11
Visual Communication

In this module you will be taught how to document your ideas and designs for clients, contractors and your own reference.
• Learn how to easily create a three-dimensional drawing from floor plans to help visualise the space and make more informed design choices.
• Find out how these drawings can help you win business and then manage the design process.
• Support your documentation with a clear set of drawings to ensure your ideas are interpreted correctly.
• Experience the pleasure of seeing your design concepts spring to life as projects are completed.


Module 12
Setting Up an Interior Design Business

If you are considering making design your career, this may be the decisive chapter that is the stepping stone to your future success.
• See yourself in the context of the design industry.
• Take professional advice from outstanding business consultants who work with creative, respected and successful interior designers.
• Benefit from this valuable information regarding business development, business practice and market positioning.
• Learn how to put together a professional portfolio and receive insight into setting up your own website and social media networks.

Course Provider

The Interior Design Institute offers you the most advanced and comprehensive online solution to learning available today. We offer the most thorough home study courses in Interior Design using the very latest online learning techniques. Our commitment to providing the highest quality training program has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems, which produce unparalleled results.

Students also have the opportunity to delve deeper into areas of Interior Design through the purchasing of Advanced Modules that are available to students who have demonstrated a strong foundation knowledge of Interior Design. These are specially formulated materials to challenge motivated students to achieve more.

Note: This course does not attract government funding. 

Course Outcomes

You will be awarded a Certificate in Interior Design upon the successful completion of your course.

Industries where this qualification will be valued:

  • Building & construction
  • Retail shopfitting
  • Architecture & engineering
  • Real estate

Potential roles requiring this qualification:

  • Showroom Consultant
  • Colour Consultant
  • Kitchen Designer
  • Hospitality Adviser
  • Self-Employed Interior Designer
Further Information

Please ensure you understand important information regarding the course here.

This is a course of very high standards, that is very competitively priced. The course materials are used internationally, and the delivery and format are identical to the Diploma version of the course. The only difference is that the Certificate course is less rigorous.

Tutors do not have to be Government accredited but have all been handpicked for their industry expertise and ability to impart knowledge to students.

This is a non accredited course in Australia although the course is recognised globally by the following bodies:

- DDA (Decorators & Designers Association of Canada)
- BBB (Better Business Bureau) 
- CID (Certified Interior Decorators International)
- IARC (International Approval and Registration Centre) 
- BAC (British Accreditation Council)
- UKRLP (United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers)

You need a great portfolio, not necessarily a degree in interior design to become a professional interior designer. This is exactly what our Certificate Course focuses on - providing you with the practical skills and technical knowledge to build a professional portfolio and launch a rewarding freelance interior design career or an exciting new hobby.

After You Enrol

When you enrol, you will receive a username and password, which enables you to log onto our secure student site.

From there you can download your first module, which you could liken to your textbook as it contains all the information you will need to complete assignment one.

Each module is approximately 100 pages in length and is full of detailed technical information delivered in a friendly, conversational manner that is easy to understand. The concepts are further explained by way of diagrams, images and examples.


There are exercises at the end of each module, which will require you to participate in the design experience. It is through participation and interaction that you will learn to feel confident and find your creative voice. The exercises are designed to help you build your first professional portfolio.

Once you have completed your assignment you then upload it onto our site for your tutor to mark. The tutors will give you a grade (out of 10) and a comprehensive evaluation of your work and ideas and help nurture and improve your skills each step of the way.

Course Provider Terms and Conditions

To confirm the suitability of this course please ensure you read and understand the terms and conditions of The Nutrition Institute which can be found HERE.

Cancellations & Refunds

All cancellations are subject to both the InspiringED.com Terms & Conditions and those of the institution delivering your course.

An InspiringED.com administration fee will apply for all cancellations requested after 48 hours of your enrolment.

The Course is not transferable to another person. No refund will be available following 7 days of your enrolment.

Enrolment may be cancelled by completing our contact form HERE.  


"My business has grown since I have completed the course. I have more confidence in my skills and abilities and have learnt not just the ins and outs of design but also of running a business in this field."
Sabina C (Sydney, NSW)

"I loved the self-paced nature of the course, and how easy it was to navigate around the course. You get so much support from the tutors, the student support and the Facebook group; I have found it to be an invaluable community that supported me during my studies, and now into my professional career as a designer."
Nathan N (Sydney, NSW)

"The Facebook group was great to bond and relate to other students, so I didn't feel alone. Thank you, I am so pleased I took the plunge and signed up for this course."
Joanne H (Brisbane, QLD)