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REACH Practitioner Certification
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REACH Practitioner Certification

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Why should I take this course?

Discover your strengths, learn how to adapt for changing roles

REACH Practitioner Certification at a glance

Course Summary

This is a fantastic training course for not only professionals who want to improve their skills but also business consultants who want to build their business with highly effective and professional tools.

After completing this course, participants will have learned to:

  • Understand the REACH Quotient model
  • Competently utilise the REACH Ecosystem tools including:
    • REACH Profiling
    • REACH 360
    • REACH Culture
    • REACH Coaches Companion
    • REACH Training Materials
  • Pass the REACH Ecosystem Accredited Practitioner exam
  • Plan out your first project using the Reach Ecosystem
  • Navigate the REACH Ecosystem subscriber portal
  • Benefit from a special REACH Ecosystem subscription offer

Important Information

Award: Certified REACH Practitioner
Course Length: Self paced
Mode: Online
Access Requirements: Internet connection
Prerequisites: None
Start Date: Anytime
Institution: REACH
Course Information

What is REACH?

REACH measures agility to adapt to the needs of different people, situations and tasks. REACH combines the science of analyzing human traits using psychometrics together with measuring agility (REACH) that can be grown by developing awareness, skills, resilience and a growth mindset. The profile provides clear insights into agility, preferences and skills. As a person grows their agility to stretch into the other styles, they grow their REACH and in turn improve their effectiveness in different situations and build capability to thrive in the future of work.

About this Course

This self-paced learning experience guides users through a foundational understanding of the concepts and solutions associated with the REACH Quotient (RQ) and offered within the REACH Ecosystem. While the content within this learning environment is aimed at new users of the REACH Ecosystem, advanced users also will find ample access to helpful guidance regarding their utilization of RQ.

Upon completion of this learning experience, users will be offered an opportunity to take an evaluation of their learning. Successful completion of the evaluation will demonstrate the user's preparation in leveraging RQ, allowing the user to be listed as "Certified REACH Practitioner" within correspondence and media.

Course Structure

Module 1 - Overview

  • Welcome
  • Please Introduce Yourself
  • About the REACH Ecosystem
  • Case Study: YumYum Dairy Farms
  • OPTIONAL Presentation - The REACH Backstory
  • OPTIONAL Presentation - Overview of the REACH Program
  • Facilitator's Virtual Office
  • Checkpoint

Module 2 - Defining REACH

  • About the REACH Model
  • Overview of Relating Style
  • OPTIONAL Presentation - Recognizing Relational Drive in REACH
  • Overview of Achieving Style
  • OPTIONAL Presentation - Recognizing Achievement Drive in REACH
  • Validating REACH
  • Checkpoint

Module 3 - REACH Profiles Matrix

  • About the REACH Profiles Matrix
  • The Counselor Profile
  • The Coach Profile
  • The Driver Profile
  • The Advisor Profile
  • Checkpoint

Module 4 - Measuring REACH

  • Measuring REACH
  • Measurement Guidelines
  • Utilizing the REACH Profiles in Training and Development
  • Utilizing REACH Profiles in Recruitment and Selection
  • Checkpoint

Module 5 - REACH Profiles

  • About REACH Profiles
  • REACH Communication Profile Report
  • REACH Personal Style Profile Report
  • REACH Leading Profile Report
  • Checkpoint

Module 6 - REACH 360

  • About REACH 360
  • OPTIONAL Presentation - Applying the Styles using REACH Profiles and REACH 360
  • Checkpoint

Module 7 - REACH Culture Survey

  • About REACH Culture
  • OPTIONAL Presentation - Gaining Collaborative Advantage with the REACH Culture Survey
  • Checkpoint

Module 8 - Growing REACH

  • Growing REACH
  • Checkpoint

Module 9 - REACH Corporate Training

  • About REACH Corporate Training
  • Sample: Trainers Companion
  • Checkpoint

Module 10 - REACH Coaches Companion

  • About REACH Coaches Companion
  • Sample REACH Coaches Companion
  • Video REACH Coaches Companion
  • Checkpoint

Module 11 - Certification Exam

  • Exam Instructions (read prior to opening the exam)
  • Exam Part 1
  • Case Study: Wandin Valley Health Service
  • Exam Part 2


Course Provider

This course is brought to you by InspiringED.com in collaboration with REACH who represent the most progressive thinking, Organisational Development professionals who are focused on improving business outcomes through their people.

REACH was formed by a collective of leading industry experts from around the world wanting to share their knowledge and improve the way Organisation Development is delivered globally. Their aim to to positively impact the world through evidence based tools and to provide our subscribers and partners with the resources to change people's lives.


Dr. R. Douglas Waldo, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Associate Professor
Advisory Board Member, REACH

After earning a Doctorate in Business Administration (with emphasis on Organizational Management), I entered the field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology as the VP of Research, and later as the CEO of a global employment assessment publisher. We did extensive consulting work in the areas of: Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Leadership Development, and Applied Psychometrics.

In my consulting, I have worked with some of the largest employers in the world, as well as very small nonprofit organizations. So, I have seen the strategic and organizational challenges, techniques, and opportunities at just about every level. My consulting has covered nearly every aspect of organizational leadership, so I hope to bring that experience to our collaboration as we bridge the theory-practice gap that often exists.

I have published several articles and contributed to books and manuals, in addition to authoring a few global assessments that are now part of the REACH Ecosystem. I am certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources Management by the Human Resources Certification Institute and a Certified Senior Professional by the Society for Human Resource Management. I am a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology.


Further Information

After You Enrol

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Assessment and Study Requirements

Upon completion of this learning experience, users will be offered an opportunity to take an evaluation of their learning. Successful completion of the evaluation will demonstrate the user's preparation in leveraging RQ, allowing the user to be listed as "Certified REACH Practitioner" within correspondence and media.

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Taking the plunge into online study can be daunting. So, don’t just take our word for it, read these encouraging testimonials from past students on how the experience of education has had a profound impact on their life:


"A really helpful approach. The Reach Ecosystem is a really helpful approach to understanding ourselves and others, especially in the workplace context" - Lindsay D


"Well taught. Repetition and teaching from different perspectives is good for learning. Good detail of each dimension and their interactions" - Alan F